Janine Antoni

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Loving Care, performance, 1992© Janine Antoni

“…One of the most important innovations in feminist art is our opportunity to reclaim our own image, which I think has been used throughout art history by male artists. So to reclaim it and to define it for ourselves, is probably the most important innovation that I can see”

“I can say that for myself, using my body or the experience of my body as a starting point to speak from, was the sort of closest place I could work from. And… instead of trying to work out of a critique that existed, I really wanted to talk about my experience of the world as a woman and the direct experience of my body”

“…so our bodies are in question in the culture. So I think that to… to redefine it and the way we use our bodies is crucial, and still a very pertinent problem to deal with. So I wouldn’t say that the use of the body is specifically feminist, but the use of women’s bodies is another subject altogether” 

Janine Antoni

Feeport, Bahamas, 1964