Guerrilla Girls

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Do women have to be naked…, street poster, 1989


“On June 14, 1984 we went to a protest outside the Museum of Modern Art where there was a survey exhibition of 169 artists, with only 13 women and even fewer artists of color. We were shocked that no one visiting the museum seemed to care! That was the AHA! Moment”

“There HAD to be a better way, a more contemporary, creative way, to break through people’s belief that museums always knew best and there wasn’t any discrimination in the artworld”

“We had the idea to do street posters, got some friends together some 9 months later, passed the hat around to pay for printing, and called ourselves the Guerrilla Girls”

“Those first posters started a public discussion that is still going on. They led to hundreds more, not just about art, but also about film, politics and pop culture. Our crazy kind of activism (using facts and humor) became a model for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who want to use their creativity to fight for issues they care about”

Guerrilla Girls

Gruppo fondato a New York, Stati Uniti, 1985