Roni Horn

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Well and Truly Untitled (“…it was a mask, but the real face was identical to the false one.”), solid cast glass, 2009-2010. Installation, ‘Roni Horn. Well and Truly’, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria, 2010 © Kunsthaus Bregenz, Roni Horn.

“The work has a way of developing in a manner that never allows the viewer to become too familiar with it or to make assumptions about it.

In subverting expectations you increase the chance of offering a more direct experience; not one that simply fulfills the viewers’ desires or confirms their knowledge. It’s more of a questioning.

I’m not interested in answers per se. The answers create closure. I don’t think that there are any answers anyway, they are always provisional. I think that’s part of it”

Roni Horn

New York, Stati Uniti, 1955