Adrian Piper

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The Probable Trust Registry, the destiny and interpretations of the work are part of the work, 2015

“…Actually I don’t think what I have to say about my work is all that interesting anyway. It’s only a very small part of the public meaning of the work, which is constituted out of the multiplicity of perspectives we all bring to it.

I would much rather hear what other people think about the work itself (not about me; about the work). That’s the way I get to learn something new about it, by discovering the very wide variety of ways it affects other people.

That new feedback opens up my worldview and nourishes my creative process. So I’ve concluded that it would be best for me to just get out of the way, so that others can have a go at it for themselves. Please do”

Adrian Piper

New York, Stati Uniti, 1948