Barbara Bloom

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Goethe’s Corridor, fotografia, 1998. Goethe’s Corridor photograph of Goethe in residence in Weimar (now the Goethe Nationalmuseum Weimar). Building ca. 1709; furnishings and decorations ca.1790-1830

“You see, I’m not coming from painting. I’m coming from literature and film. But those things take place in time. So I gave myself this really peculiar job of doing work like that in a still setting.”

“I think of the objects as being more like metonyms, stand-ins for the person who’s not there.

They are not symbols. Symbols are much more general; they have a larger presence. A symbol has to read to many different kinds of people in many different contexts in order to be a symbol. The objects that I used are more specific than that.

They are much more about an individual’s use of them.”

Barbara Bloom

Los Angeles, Stati Uniti, 1951