Lygia Clark

naviga tra le immagini e le parole delle artiste

Bicho – em si (Creature – in itself), aluminium,1962

“We do everything so automatically that we have forgotten the poignancy of smell, of physical anguish, of tactile sensations of all kinds”

“I think that now we [the artists] are those who propose, and through the proposition there should be thought, and when the spectator expresses this proposition, he is in reality gathering the characteristic of a work of art of all times: thought and expression.

And for me all of this is connected. From the option, the act, to immanence as a means of communication, and the lack of any myth exterior to man and more so, in my fantasy, it connects itself with the anti-universe where things are there because it happens now

Lygia Clark

Belo Horizonte, Brasile, 1920 – Rio de Janeiro, Brasile, 1988