Candida Höfer

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U-Bahnstation Theaterplatz Oslo II, fotografia, 2000

“[the Bechers] did not press us into any school. And we have all been different from the beginning…I assume it was retrospectively that this school perception seemed to have evolved. We simply enjoyed being together at a specific place, at a specific time when photography as art was no concern for us because it was self-evident”

“So I became interested in spaces, what they do for people and what people do to spaces. After some time it had become obvious to me that spaces show more clearly their role. The spaces talk about peopleas we would talk about an absent guest at a dinner”

“…it became apparent to me that what people do in these spaces – and what these spaces do to them – is clearer when no one is present, just as an absent guest is often the subject of a conversation”

Candida Höfer

Eberswalde, Germania, 1944